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The VSOP-XO association, hosting this year’s Moorea Marathon, has teamed up with Fenua Moove, the sports ticketing maestro, to handle your registrations. Here’s the lowdown…

So, what’s the deal with Fenua Moove?

Well, they’re like the go-to crew for online ticketing in Fenua, handling everything from small-time shindigs to major-league events.

Their NJUKO system? It’s the ticket (pun intended) for managing online sign-ups, and it’s a big hit with event organizers all across Polynesia.

Think about events like the ATN Urban Run, XTERRA Tahiti Moorea, or the Aremiti SWIMRUN—Fenua Moove has got their backs.

And they’re not just talkin’ the talk; they’re walkin’ the walk. Since 2019, the French Polynesia Athletics Federation and big-name clubs like AS Tefana, Pirae Cyclisme, Kona Tri, AS Fei-Pi, ATN Running, La Mozteam, VSOP-XO, and ASCEP have been in cahoots with Fenua Moove, trusting them to handle the ticketing for their events.

With Fenua Moove in the mix, organizers get the full package—top-notch support for managing online registrations and a whole slew of extra perks, including primo event promotion. It’s a win-win situation all around.

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