The Municipality of Moorea-Maiao

The Tahiti-Moorea Marathon is a significant growing success for several years. There is a strong enthusiasm from the economic, social and tourism sectors that is followed by the participants and the public.

With the support of institutional, associative and private partners, this race well known by its uniqueness, promotes the dynamism of the tourism with it’s concept of sports tourism.

The city council and I wish to support our Marathon, which is a real economic booster. With the help of the organizing committee, we aim to introduce innovative concepts, mobilize the local population around this common project and reinforce the image of this event as a great moment of Sport for All! Each one finds its place in one of the races offered, allowing a greater number of participants (great champions, passionate amateurs, or occasional runners) to experience a beautiful sporting adventure. Opening to a wider audience reflects perfectly the spirit of the Tahiti-Moorea Marathon which, beyond personal performance, is also a real moment of conviviality and sharing.

The Mayor of Moorea-Maiao, Evans HAUMANI